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To make a booking at Zen Metro, please use the OpenTable widget.

Please be aware that dining times are 90 minutes for parties up to 3 people,  1 hour 45 minutes for parties of 4 people and 2 hours dining for 5 or more guests unless otherwise agreed beforehand.

DRESS CODE: Zen Metro has a smart dress code for evening bookings. Please be aware we will not allow people wearing sportswear, hats or trainers into the restaurant. Thank you.

Anyone wanting to use a discount or voucher must let Zen Metro know prior to arrival by calling us on 0121 2001911 or leaving a note within the booking form about the deal/special menu that they want to take advantage of. Without us being informed, we are not obliged to honour any deals/discount cards you may have.

Guests with children above the age of seven are most welcome at Zen Metro, as we firmly believe that it is a good thing to learn about the pleasures of good food already at an early age. However, we expect children to be well behaved and respectful to other guests. If children are screaming or running around, we will kindly ask you to step out of the restaurant until the child has calmed down. Infants and children under the age of six can not, unfortunately, out of respect for other guests, be seated in Zen Metro restaurant during dinnertime. We do hope for your understanding. During lunch they are most welcome in Zen Metro.