Valentine’s Day Menu

Get in the mood for love at our award-winning Thai restaurant and bar in Birmingham.

£34.95 per person – £28.95 for vegan option 

Lunch and dinner bookings available. Please call 0121 2001911 to make a booking. Full payment is required up front.


  • Prawn crackers and assorted dips
  • Platter With Love - Sharing is caring! (Jumbo prawn char-grilled, raw papaya salad, vegetable spring rolls, spicy wok chicken)

Main Course - please choose one

  • Thai green curry with chicken served with jasmine rice
  • Lamb dices cooked with phanaenge sauce, bamboo shoots, pandan leaves and Thai ginger (spicy), served with egg fried rice
  • Red curry - with coconut milk, bamboo shoots, green beans and fresh basil leaves with slices of beef served with stir fry vegetable rice
  • Roasted fillet of salmon with stir fry noodles in teriyaki sauce
  • Tiger prawns cooked in aromatic Thai yellow curry with potatoes, sweet basil and bamboo shoots - served with jasmine rice


  • Chocolate truffle with Grand Marnier and cognac flambé

All Vegan menu - Starters

  • Papadum and assorted dips

Platter With Love - Sharing Is Caring

  • Grilled tofu, vegetable spring rolls, vegetable tempura and papaya salad

Main Course - Please Choose One

  • Vegetable jungle curry with baby corn, red onion, cherry tomato, poku and straw mushrooms; it’s spicy and runny (spicy) (v)-
  • Vegetable yellow curry with fine beans, mushroom, tofu, pea and crop aubergine (v)
  • Wok-fried assorted mushrooms and peppers with seasonal vegetables cooked to perfection in a spicy tangy sauce (spicy) (v)
  • Veg green curry - a unique Thai curry with coconut milk, bamboo shoots, green beans and fresh basil leaves with broccoli, cauliflower, carrot, baby corn and aubergine (spicy) (v)
  • All served with a choice of Jasmin, mushroom or vegetable rice


  • Chocolate fudge cake with vanilla and strawberry ice creams (v)

Please notify the staff of any allergies you may have while ordering. An allergen information on all above menu items are available here at Zen Metro.